Hello everybody! Welcome to my art gallery.

I am digital artist and illustrator from Russia. I am in CG art since 2004, basicly with Painter, also in Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator.
I like to make illustrations for fairytales, imagine and realize all magic and improbable, violet and cheering)
I don`t know what it should to be written more . Believe in fairies and miracles :) Good impressions to you!
About using my art:
I don`t mind if you use my artworks in non-commercial case. I just want colours to be unchanged, all images signed up with copyright "Lia   www.Linmida.com " and please read the image copyright, and if it says the image is copyrighted to a third party, you can't use it. For example, it`s about all fairytale illustrations.

E-mail : LiaSelina@gmail.com
FB: www.facebook.com/lia.selina
DA: LiaSelina.deviantart.com